Viral : Facebooker Uploads Video Of Boracay After LaBoracay

Viral video of the Boracay after La Boracay had crossed the online community and hooked the attention of  the netizens.

VIRAL – After the beach parties in the Boracay island, a Facebook user as well as local of  the Boracay is saddened as to how the  island turned out after the LaBoracay.

Rone Sarone, a native of the famous island had uploaded a video of the beach showing how the place got so miserable due to the garbage after  the summer beach party.

The Boracay native uploaded the video in his Facebook account. He even put a caption saying that tourist should respect the ocean because they are just visitors while they are the ones living there. Thus, the one who will be affected the most will be them.

As of this writing, the video had already gathered more than  21,000 views and hundreds of reactions, shares and comments.

Rone has posted the video after the famous LaBoracay party concluded and based on the video,  the ocean looks terrible.

Empty bottles of varied alcoholic drinks and plastics were scattered. And it was not just scattered anywhere or on the white sand, it was on the ocean  itself, floating.

There will be explanations as to how those trash had gone to the ocean, but one fact is truly obvious, it was just left along the shores of the ocean and was not disposed properly.

It  was stated by one of the Facebook user through the comments and saw the terrible sight in the video by what  had resulted,  it only goes to show that  people does not have self-discipline and does not even wanted to be disciplined.

After all, what everyone is doing in the present,  will always reflect in the  future. Every action will always take its turn to have a reaction.

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