Watch: Decent Looking Woman Caught Stealing Bag At Restaurant

Decent Looking Woman Caught On CCTV Stealing Bag At Max’s Restaurant

A decent looking woman was caught in a CCTV footage stealing bag at Max’s restaurant with the help of two male conspirators.

Most of us always thought that eating in places such as malls, fast-food chain, restaurants, and other establishments were completely safe from thieves, but it is all totally wrong. Thieves can do their illegal activities regardless of place and time.

A Facebook user named Maribel Lee-it has posted the videos of a decent-looking woman stealing the bag of her sister bag in SM Sta. Mesa branch of Max’s Restaurant with the help of her 2 male accomplices, which was caught on CCTV of the restaurant.

Decent Looking Woman

In the video, it can be seen that the woman was sitting and quietly observing the place in one of the restaurant’s table. But suddenly one of her conspirators gave her a bag, then she immediately stand-up and leave.

Decent Looking Woman

In the other video, a man in the counter also observing the place and trying to distract the attention of both cashier and another customer to let the decent looking woman escape along with the bag stolen from the restaurant.

Maribel has posted the video with a caption of:

“Pakikalat po!

Mag ingat po tayo sa babaeng ito at sa mga kasabwat nia .kumukuha po sila ng mga bag. Salisi gang po sila! Ngyari po kanina s Max’s Restaurant SM Sta. Mesa. Nakuha po bag ni Anna LakiAespinosa sister ko.”

The video draws flak from the netizens saying that the incident could be prevented if there’s someone monitoring the CCTV. They also urged the owners of the business establishment to hire an employee who will monitor the CCTV to prevent these types of crimes.

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