Open Letter To PDI After They Tagged Abu Sayyaf Leader As ‘Kind, Respectful’

An open letter was written to PDI as they described the Abu Sayyaf leader as ‘kind and respectful’ before joining the group.

OPEN LETTER – The Boholano Abu Sayyaf leader Joselito Melloria, tagged as ‘kind and respectful’ before joining the bandit group in the news lead of the Philippine Daily Inquirer crossed the online community.

The day the PDI published their news about the death Melloria was also the day the Abu Sayyaf group in Sulu beheaded a soldier.

Mark Lopez, a Facebook user posted his sentiments about the matter in his Facebook account. He posted an open letter in his status to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Based on his post he exactly stated these statements to the PDI:

Dear Philippine Daily Inquirer,

Right after your glowing news report of an Abu Sayaf member whom you so painstakingly tried to depict as a “very good kid,” his gang has just BEHEADED a Filipino soldier who was involved in the peace process.

Now what?

Will you now banner the story with the headline “Soldier of peace beheaded by kind hearted bandits?”

Or will you just ignore the story completely?

Thus, this post of Mark had gone viral to have more than thousands of reactions, several shares and a lot of comment.

On the comment section, users of the networking site  got angry.

A lot of criticisms was said from the commentors.

One of the comments by a certain user was asking if there were ever such rebel group or terrorists who are kind-hearted.

The Facebook friends of Mark Lopez who commented were obviously in rage and displeasure about the information.

A certain Angelo Santos even added to the line up of the comments, “They have evolved to being a PR machine than being a news source. They are deliberately covering up reality to please their paying customers.”

The title of the report of the PDI is “Boholano was ‘kind, respectful’ before joining Abu Sayyaf” which put some of the netizens in vexation.


open letter
Phtograbbed from the Philippine Daily Inquirer

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