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Japanese Tourist “Koniko Sugiyama” Returns To Philippines To Thank 3 Policewomen

3 Policewomen Personally Thanked by Japanese Tourist “Koniko Sugiyama,” Who Goes Back to the Philippines for this Reason

A 74-year-old Japanese tourist named Koniko Sugiyama has returned to the Philippines to personally thank 3 Davao policewomen.

Filipino people are very popular globally, because of being the most helpful and hospitable people in the world. Pinoy are naturally helpful regardless of person’s nationality and known for being good to anyone.

3 policewomen in Davao City were now recognized for their genuine heart and helpful attitude towards Sugiyama. UNTV reported that a Japanese national goes back to the Philippines just express her gratitude to the 3 female cops in Davao City who helped her 2 years ago.

Japanese Tourist

The Japanese tourist was accompanied and guided by the 3 policewomen in looking for a place to eat lunch, because she was not yet familiar with the place. The female cops and Sugiyama have a short conversation while riding a cab traveling to their destination.

PO3 Irene Cenabre, one of the 3 Davao policewomen said that the Japanese national gave them a contact number in order to get in touch with each other, but later the female cops neglect the contact number and consider it as their daily routine to help people.

On April 2017, Sugiyama flew back to Davao City Police Office (DCPO) and looked for the 3 policewomen to express her gratitude. The female cops were shocked without expecting that the 74-year-old Japanese woman would make an effort to personally thank them.

On April 10, 2017, the 3 female cops of Davao finally reunited with Sugiyama and happily spent a meal together, then talked about their lives. PO3 Chinglee Dalogdog said that they were just doing their responsibility as a law enforcer to serve and protect the people.

The good deeds of the 3 policewoman will be passed to DCPO for corresponding commendations.

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