Creepy Photos Of Headless Doctor Inside Hospital

Creepy Photos Of Headless Doctor Inside Hospital Scared Netizens

Netizens were frightened and shocked by the photos of a headless doctor inside the hospital in Ortigas Avenue, which was posted by a certain Facebook user.

Most people do not like going to hospitals because of the smell of medicine, injection, treatment, medications, and blood. They were also scared knowing that numerous people die in the hospital and thoughts of ghosts inside the hospital.

A Facebook user named Leslie Ursabia posted a couple of creepy photos on Wednesday (April 12, 2017), which immediately went viral after it was posted in the social media. The said photo was taken at the emergency room of the hospital and causes fear to many netizens.

Headless Doctor


The photo features headless doctor standing near the reception booth of the hospital. Leslie posted the photo with a caption “Anong gagawin mo pag ganito yung nakita mo while at the ER at 12mn? Mag papa ospital ka paba?”

Netizens started to discuss superstitious beliefs and started to claim that seeing a headless ghost can be a premonition of someone’s death. Social media users were concerned about the life of the doctor.

Leslie said that she doesn’t know the doctor and she even doesn’t know the superstitious beliefs regarding of seeing a headless ghost.

Headless Doctor


“Para po sa mga nag pm at nag tatanong dito, nag susulat lang siya. Subsob lang po talaga sa trabaho literally. No, hindi ko po pinakita ung picture sa kanya, tinapik, binatukan, or sinabihan na mag palit at sunugin ang damit. Di ko alam yung mga pamahiin na yan and That would be weird for both of us, di po kami mag kakilala. Salamat po sa mga concerned sa sitwasyon at sa doctor,” said by Ursabia on her comment.

What can you say about this photo? Do you find it creepy or do you really believe in ghosts? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions for this article.

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