Actress Nadine Lustre Loses Valuables, Bag, And Camera To Thieves

Nadine Lustre Loses Bag, Camera Stolen By Thieves

The Filipina actress Nadine Lustre loses some of her valuables including a bag and camera, which were stolen by thieves during her U.S concert tour.

The actress posted several times on her Twitter account sharing that she had lost her bag and camera to thieves. Her valuables were stolen by thieves through breaking the glass window of her car.

Lustre’s car window was apparently smashed with a rock. She urged the public not to leave their valuables inside the car. “Guys NEVER leave valuables in your car.It’s so easy to break windows now with a ninja rock.Lost my bag and a cam last night,” wrote by Lustre on her Twitter post.

Despite, the incident, the actress was able to joke on her another social media post saying “To whoever stole our stuff. Just give it back tonight and yell #aprilfools. We’ll forgive you.”

The incident happened while Lustre is on the concert tour in the United States together with his boyfriend James Reid.

The 23-year-old actress earned her popularity upon playing the lead role in a movie entitled “Diary ng Panget.” Lustre also became more famous when she starred the television series “On The Wings Of Love” and “Till I Met You.”

Nadine Lustre

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