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PNP Chief Dela Rosa: Arrest Warrants Out Against Cops In Espinosa Slay Case

Arrest Warrants Out Against Cops In Espinosa Slay Case, PNP Chief Dela Rosa Says

On Monday (March 20, 2016) PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa said that the arrest warrants were issued against 15 cops allegedly involved in killing Espinosa.

The Philippine National Chief (PNP) chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa announced during a press conference at Camp Crame that the warrant of arrests for at least 15 policemen who allegedly involved in killing the late Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. The basis of the arrest warrants was not yet clarified.

Previously, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered Dela Rosa to reinstate Superintendent Marvin Wynn Marcos, the dismissed chief of the Region 8 office of the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG). Marcos was also arrested as ordered by the president.

Arrest Warrants

The arrest warrant covers the following:

  1. Superintended Noel Matira
  2. Chef Inspector Leo Laraga
  3. SPO4 Melvin M. Cayobit
  4. PO3 Jonny A. Ibañez
  5. Police Senior Inspector Deoracias P. Diaz III
  6. SPO2 Benjamin L. Dacallos
  7. PO3 Norman T. Abellanosa
  8. PO1 Jerlan S. Cabiyaan
  9. PC1 Calixto Canillas Jr
  10. Police Inspector Lucresito A. Candilosas
  11. SPO2 Antonio R. Dosil
  12. SPO1 Mark Christian Cadilo
  13. PO2 John Ruel Doculan
  14. PO2 Jaime Bascal

Aside from ordered arrest of Marcos, the issuance of arrest warrant against the following policemen was confirmed by Justice Vitaliano Aguirre II but did not give further details and information.

Arrest Warrants

On November 05, 2016, Albuera Mayor Espinosa has been murdered inside his cell in Baybay, Leyte jail, after he surrendered himself before the PNP chief. The late Albuera mayor was among the first list of Duterte accused government officials, which were linked to illegal drug activities.

Espinosa and a certain inmate were murdered by CIDG 8 personnel while serving a search warrant against the Albuera Mayor. The cop was claiming that Espinosa fought back, which forced him to shot-down Espinosa.

Around 22 policemen were under investigation of the justice department over their alleged involvement in the case.

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