A Netizen Complains Over Spoil Pack Of Popular Yogurt Drink Brand

A Netizen Complains Over A Spoil Pack Of Yogurt Drink, She Bought For Her Daughter

A netizen complains over a spoil pack of a popular yogurt drink brand after her daughter complains about the unusual flavor of the drink.

Most of us love yogurt drink, because of its delicious flavor. Yogurt was produced through culturing pasteurization of milk with harmless bacteria, which causes the fermentation and produces its unique flavor.

A netizen named Franchesca Brown posted a video of her complaint about a spoil pack of a popular yogurt drink “Dutch Mill,” which she bought for her 3-year-old daughter on Thursday (March 02, 2017). She said that her daughter was drinking the same yogurt brand every day.

Yogurt Drink

Franchesca was alarmed when her daughter complains over the disgusting flavor of Dutch Mill, a product of Monde Nissin Company. The yogurt drink has an expiration date of August 05, 2017, so she decided to open the pack of yogurt drink and found something unpleasant inside the pack.

Mrs. Brown found molds inside the pack of yogurt drink and can’t believe that she and her daughter drunk it. She said that she will never buy Dutch Mill again, after what she and her daughter have experienced.

She also sends an email to Monde Nissin and the company immediately responded on Friday (March 03, 2017). Monde Nissin will get the remaining packs of Dutch Mill from Mrs. Brown on Saturday (March 04, 2017) for investigation. Franchesca and her daughter are now under medical observation after drinking the said product.


Mrs. Brown also urged the parents to be more aware and more careful when it comes to the product they bought for their children. Her post garnered 11k reactions, more than 57k shares, and 53 comments as of this post.

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