Oarfish Will Rise From Depth Before Earthquake, Japanese Folklore Says

Japanese Folklore: Oarfish Will Rise From Depth Before Earthquake


Oarfish is a messenger from the dragon god of the sea and its appearance in shallow waters indicates catastrophic events, according to Japanese folklore.

Numerous appearance of oarfish was seen in different regions of the Philippines. Filipinos believe that the appearance of these sea creatures in shallow waters was a natural indicator of upcoming catastrophic events such as an earthquake, tsunami, and other types of natural calamities.

An unexpected number of oarfish appears in the coastal areas of Japan two years before a disastrous earthquake struck the place last March 2011. On March 06, 2010, Japan Times reported that deep-sea creatures appear in the beaches as ‘Omen’ of a great earthquake or tsunami.

Japanese Folklore

Oarfish is a sea creature living in the depth of the sea, they are very sensitive to any movement in the sea ground. The occurrence of these deep-sea creatures in shallow waters indicates that their natural habitat has been interrupted and abnormality is currently happening under the deep.

Japanese Folklore

Previously, an unusual number of oarfish has been seen in different regions of the Philippines. Last February 08, 2017, an oarfish has been found in Surigao del Norte two days before a devastating 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck the province last February 10, 2017. On Sunday (February 19, 2017) a magnitude 4.9 earthquake struck Sultan Kudarat after several oarfish has seen in seashores.

In 1772, oarfish or Regalecus glesne has been described as a prominent dorsal fin with an elongated body. It is also considered as a sea monster, because of its unique appearance. Oarfish that can be found in shallow waters were always dead or dying due to stress under water.

Japanese Folklore

These creatures were also called prophet of doom in Japanese mythology, because of their ability to predict natural calamity. Whenever oarfish was found, there’s always an upcoming earthquake or tsunami.

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