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Watch: Neri Naig Singing In The Car, Chito’s Reaction Is Hilarious!

Chito Miranda reacts on Neri’s singing voice.

Chito Miranda criticizes Neri Naig’s Voice while singing to the tune of Celine Dion’s “Because You Love Me” has gone viral on social media.

The video showed that the married couple Neri Naig and Chito Miranda went out for a drive. Neri can be seen on the video singing the hit song of Celine Dion entitled, “Because You Love Me” while her husband Chito Miranda was driving.

Neri is busy singing to the tune of song and Chito tried to ignore her at first. But when the song started to go high, then Chito reacted.

Watch: Neri Naig Singing In The Car, Chito's Reaction Is Hilarious!

Screenshot Photo while Neri Naig is singing in the car, Chito Miranda funny reaction.

Neri commented that she felt like her voice sounded better when she tried to whisper the song.

“Ay parang bagay pa sa akin yung pabulong no, pabulong yung boses ko. Parang ang ganda-ganda ng boses ko.” Neri said.

Chito then told her that it’s always better when her voice is not heard at all.

“Ang baga sayo yung hindi ano.. naririnig talaga,” Chito replied.

But to defend herself, Neri said she has a very good voice because their child falls asleep when she sings.

“Maganda boses ko, nakakatulog yung anak natin eh,” Neri said.

She then continued singing but unfortunately, she failed to hit the higher notes of the song.

She saw the reaction of her husband and confronted him about his facial expression. Chito replied that he did the facial expression because the sunlight was too bright.

The video was posted by Neri Naig to one of her social media accounts with a caption, saying, “Paniratalaga ng Kanta ‘tong asawa ko. Napakasalbahe kapag kumakanta ako.”

 The video of the married couple caught the attention of the netizens and has gone viral.

Watch the video of Neri and Chito here:

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