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Cebu City Mayor Osmeña To BDO: ‘I Will Not Let BDO Fool This City’

Cebu City Mayor Osmeña accused BDO of not paying the correct taxes to the City government.

Mayor Tomas Osmeña filed a criminal complaint against the BDO executives and board of directors for not paying correct taxes to the city government.

Paying tax is a symbol of being a good citizen following the regulations of a country.  It is a part of the salary that goes to the government on an annual basis.

Every Citizen who earned money through various means, for example, through jobs, business etc. needs to pay to the government as per the regulation of the country.

In the Philippines, most people actually pay more than Php1,000 in taxes per month and that easily translates to at least Php12,000 a year.

But in a recent news report of Rappler, Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña accused a BDO Unibank Incorporated branch of not paying the correct taxes to the City government.

Look: Cebu City Mayor Osmeña Sues BDO Branch For Not Paying Correct Taxes

Photo credits: Allan Defensor/Sunstar Daily

Mayor Osmeña posted a statement on his Facebook page, entitled, “Cebu City to Close BDO,” the mayor revealed that according to the City Treasurer’s records, BDO-Magallanes St. Branch only pays Php2,000 in taxes per year.

“Imagine, the most profitable bank in the country is pretending to be poor. A janitor in city hall pays about P5,000 a year in taxes, this BDO branch pays city hall P2,000 a year.  One guesses: Who is richer? The city hall janitor or BDO? Isip (Think)…isip,” he said.

What irked Osmeña more is that the City hall’s own janitor pays about Php5,000 in taxes per year.

“I will not let BDO fool this city. Not under my watch,” the mayor said.

With the assistance of the City Legal Officer Joseph Bernaldez, Osmeña filed a criminal complaint before the office of the City Prosecutor against the BDO executives and board of directors.

Cebu City Mayor accused the bank officials of “Other deceit,” “falsification by private individuals,” and of violating the City Tax Ordinance.

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