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Nokia Plans To Relaunch The Iconic 3310 Modern Version This February

This February 2017, Nokia Plans To Relaunch Its Iconic 3310 Phone

Nokia, one of the biggest cellular phone company was planning to relaunch its iconic 3310 his February 2017, according to some reports.

The brick-like phone was planned to relaunch again by Nokia, according to the report of reliable phone leaker Evan Blass. Nokia 3310 was very popular worldwide because of its durability, endurance, long-battery life, and great performance since it was launch 17 years ago.

The iconic phone has been phased out long ago because it was overwhelmed by new mobile phone units with a colored screen, built-in camera, and other enhanced features. Nokia has been on the top of phone market a few years ago.


Nokia’s peak drops upon the existence of smartphone era, where numerous companies such as Samsung, Apple, LG, and other phone companies release their own version of a smartphone.

HMD Global is the new company, which is making Nokia phones. The company plans to launch a modern version of the iconic 3310. The newer version of 3310 will be launch this February ahead of Mobile World Congress, a mobile industry conference, which will be held in Barcelona, Spain on February 26, 2017.


Expected New Image Of Nokia 3310

Blass described the new 3310 will be riffed from the original one but there are no further details were given. There are some rumors that the device will have colored screen, camera, or apps, but it will stick to its original feature.

The new 3310’s price is reported to play around $63 or £50 in Europe but it’s still not clear on where it will be the first release. The company refused to give comments and speculations regarding the revival of the iconic phone.

What can you say about the relaunching of the iconic Nokia 3310? What do you expect from its modern version? Just feel free to leave your comments and

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  • JohnathanLCheng February 16, 2017, 11:39 am

    4years ago, China sold a customized Nokia 6600 smartphone…

    It runs, Android OS, has 1gb ram…
    Full touchscreen display
    Plays all kinds media files
    Dual camera (front vga camera/ rear 2mp camera with flash)
    The device was much more thinner than the original…

    Dual simcard slot
    Dual microsd (32gb) slot

    Charging port is still from original Nokia, as well as its battery…

    What im saying is, if Nokia will be resurrecting 3310, it should have added more features than just adding a camera, touchscreen and an OS…..

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