Look: What Bloggers Found Out During Their Tour With President Duterte In Malacañang

Bloggers Found Something During Their Visit In Malacañang With Pres. Duterte

Bloggers and Duterte supporters have found out something during their tour with the Philippine president in the Malacañang Palace.

On Wednesday (February 08, 2017), President Duterte has toured his supporters and social media influencers around Malacañang Palace. He also let them have a sneak preview of his room around 1 am in the morning.

Krizette Laureta Chu, a known Duterte supporter has also experienced the tour around the most desired luxurious home in the country. She also posted her photo taken from the palace during their meeting with the president.

Malacañang Palace

President Duterte led the tour around Malacañang and showed his visitors the Bahay Pangarap, which was used by former President Benigno “Pnoy” Aquino III during his term. He also let the social media influencers to take a sneak peek at the presidential bedroom.

Malacañang Palace

Mr. Duterte’s ‘Mosquito Net’ has been always as an eye-catcher every time his visitors enter his bedroom. Ms. Chu also shared the photo of the presidential bedroom, then shared her experience during the tour in Malacañang.

Malacañang Palace

Ms. Chu said that Duterte’s room is approximately 20 square meters at most, the comfort room is small and has no frills. She also revealed that the president was using Colgate for his toothpaste and Safeguard as his soap.

Malacañang Palace

The new presidential room was used to be Josh’s (Kris’ Son’s) bedroom. Duterte gave Pnoy’s room to his family. Duterte also brings his visitors to the receiving room, sala area, and to the other places in the palace.

Malacañang Palace

His supporters and social media bloggers can’t contain heir joy while looking at the new presidential room. They are also admiring the humility of the president through his simple way of living.

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