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Miss Universe Funny Memes Part 2

Miss Universe is the most anticipated beauty contest worldwide every year, here are some more memes that will surely make you laugh.

Miss Universe is an international beauty contest participated by women all over the world. Each nation will have a representative for the annual pageant. Aspiring beauty contestant from different countries doing their best as they can just to join the contest but there are only few who were qualified to join the pageant.

Each contestant has their own talents, beauty, skills, personality, intelligence, and edges in claiming the Miss Universe crown. But there’s only one who is deserving to win the crown, according to the judge’s decision.

Most Filipinos were good in creating something funny just for entertainment purposes. Those things, which were supposed to be serious becomes a funny one. Previously, Miss Universe 2017 memes were making rounds in the social media and made citizens laugh.

Here are more Miss Universe 2017 memes that will surely make you laugh.

Ms. Brazil

“Cup A ka, cup B ako, cup C siya…Brazil”

Miss Universe

Ms. Colombia

“Niloko na, pinaasa pa, akala ko akin na! Colombia”

Miss Universe

Ms. Philippines

“Mahal ang bigas, mahal ang drugas, mahal din ang patatas! Pilipinas!!”

Miss Universe

Ms. Russia

“Bakit ang bilis niya? Baka nag Russia”

Miss Universe

Ms. Singapore

“Singa 1, singa 2, singa 3, Singapore”

Miss Universe

Ms. Slovak Republic

“Lubak ditto, lubak doon… Slovak Republic”

Miss Universe

Ms. Slovenia

“Wag mo siya madaliin, masyado siyang… Slovenia”

Miss Universe

Ms. Africa

“Tsamina mina eh eh. Waka waka, eh eh…South Africa”

Miss Universe

Ms. Sweden

“Ay pinanganak kang Suwi? Yung pinsan ko…Sweden”

Miss Universe

Ms. Switzerland

“Mula sa bayang 100% walang bitter…Switzerland!!”

Miss Universe

Ms. Thailand

“Tae mo, tae niya, tae nating lahat…Thailand”

Miss Universe

Ms. Turkey

“27, 28, 29…Turkey”

Miss Universe

Ms. Vietnam

“Parang spam, Brick ham, at Chinese Ham ako ay malinamnam…Vietnam”

Miss Universe

These are only some of the Miss Universe 2017 memes, which was posted by the Facebook page “Beauty Pageant in the Philippines.”

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