Avoid These Harmful Habits Right After Meal

Stop These Harmful Habits After Meal

Most of us were having some activities after a meal, which may cause harm to the body. Here are some harmful habits that you need to stop right now.

Taking A Nap After Meal

Taking a nap after eating a meal might cause several health issues such as intestine infections, gastric problems, and digestions.

Walking After Meal

Walking right after eating is obviously unhealthy from the body, it might cause acid reflux and difficulties on digestion in the stomach. Experts advised that walking should be done 30 minutes after a meal. Physical exercise is required before walking.

Harmful Habits

Smoking After Meal

Cigarette smoking is obviously dangerous for the body’s health because it contains thousands of toxic chemicals. Smoking after a meal is more dangerous to the body, according to some studies smoking 1 cigarette after a meal is already equivalent to 10 cigarettes.

Eating Fruits After Meal

Fruits were naturally healthy for the body so eating them in a right time provides beneficial effects to the body. Eating fruits on an empty stomach is the right time, but eating them after a meal is completely unhealthy because it might spoil the foods you’ve eaten earlier and converts them into acid.

Taking A Bath After Meal

Taking a bath right after a meal results weaker digestion because it decreases the circulation of blood in the stomach and increases the blood circulation in the hands and feet. Experts advise the public that bath should be taken 1 to 2 hours after or before meals.

Harmful Habits

Loosening Belt After Meal

Remaining the tightness of your belt reminds you how much food is enough for your meal. Loosing belt right after a meal let you indulge in eating, which is bad for the body’s health.

Drinking Tea After Meal

Drinking tea right after a meal is definitely not good for the health because tea contains a lot of acids, which makes protein harder to digest.

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