Viral: Vape Explodes While Filipino Testing Out The Product At Shop

Vape Explodes On Filipino Smoker’s Hands While Testing It

A vape or e-cigarette suddenly explodes while a Filipino smoker was testing it out in a shop, he and his wife were shocked by the unexpected accident.

Smoking is very common now a day all over the world, tobacco and cigarette were the most common subject for smoking. But due to technology innovation, companies were able to produce an electronic cigarette which produces vapor instead of smoke, which is called as a vape.

A netizen shared the video of her husband while testing out the e-cigarette at the shop when it suddenly explodes at her husband’s hands. The couple was shocked on the scary vaping accident happened in the Philippines.


The couple was planning to buy a vape as a gift for their relative living abroad. To test the product if it is really working, the Pinoy smoker decided to test it himself but he was surprised on what he had experienced.


The e-cigarette suddenly explodes while the Filipino smoker was testing it out. Inside the shop. The smoker gets injured as the vape explodes in his hands. Aside from the negative effects of smoking to the body, the lives of people using e-cigarette might be at stake due to some accidents caused by some vaping products.

Katherine Mae Martir-Sincioco, wife of the Filipino smoker posted the video of the shocking vaping accident. She also wants to raise awareness in buying and using vaping products because some of them can cause major injuries.

She also urges the manufacturers of e-cigarette to improve the quality of their vaping products. She also warned vape users to be careful in using the vaping device to avoid further injuries. The couple was hoping that the incident may not happen to others.

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