A Man Stole Wallet Caught On CCTV, Victim Seeking For Help

CCTV Footage Shows A Man Who Stole A Wallet

A man who stole an unattended wallet in a store caught on CCTV, the victim tried to find the wallet and seek for help but she failed to find it.

Most of us usually leave our valuable things unattended in private or even public places, which is obviously not trustworthy due to the spreading criminality in the country. It is not safe for us anymore to leave our valuables anywhere.

Several lawmakers, authorities, and some personalities have already warned the public to be always aware and alert on our surroundings because of the increasing rate of crime, robbery, rape, murder, and drug-related cases.


In Kalibo, Aklan, a woman named Rhoda Gardoce Garcela has unintentionally left her wallet in a mini store when a certain man grabs the opportunity and took the wallet. Good thing is that the store has CCTV cameras, which recorded the incident. As we can see on the video the man immediately took the wallet and quickly leave the store.

The robbery happened last January 07, 2017 between 6:30 to 7:00 pm in the evening. The wallet was allegedly containing some cash, driver’s license, and other documents. Rhoda’s family were still hoping that they can still retrieve the lost wallet.

The CCTV footage was posted by Gladys Gardoce Garcela, Rhoda’s sister on her social media account. Rhoda goes to Aklan for a vacation with her best friend without expecting that a disappointing incident will happen.


Rhoda’s experience should serve as a warning for all of us to be aware and alert all the time, especially in public places. Rhoda and her family are hoping that the authorities could find the suspect and to penalized him for what he had done.

What can you say about Rhoda’s stolen wallet? Did you already experience what she had just experienced? Just feel free to leave your comments, opinions, and suggestions for this article.

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