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Watch: #LeniLeaks Confidential Information Revealed By I.T Expert

I.T Expert Explained Some Confidential Information About #LeniLeaks

An I.T expert revealed confidential information about the viral #LeniLeaks, which contains the plan of ousting the president from his post.

Last Friday (January 06, 2017), the leaked Yahoo group conversation or known as #LeniLeaks was posted by a blogger “Thinking Pinoy” on its Facebook page. The leaks contain the plan of ousting President Rodrigo Duterte from the position.

Sass Sasot informed the blogger about the Yahoo group, which consists by some of the most powerful people including the Filipino-American Philanthropist Loida Nicolas Lewis.


The link on the Yahoo group’s conversation will only be available for its members. Non-members don’t have an access to get the links because it is restricted, according to an I.T expert and former FBI legal attache, Stephen Cutler.

Cutler also explained that the conversation can be determined if its real if it contains tracking number or checking the word usage for the one person to another person. If differences were spotted, the authenticity of the e-mail will be doubtful.

National Security Hermogenes Esperon will lead the checking of the conversation’s veracity and they will also review the report to determine whether the leaked conversation is real or fake, according to Presidential Communication Secretary Martin Andanar.

Malacañang is now investigating the e-mail that is a part of the said #LeniLeaks, which aims to oust the Duterte administration. A group of Robredo’s supporters including Lewis, which is planning the steps to force President Duterte to quit in the presidency.

The leaked email shows that the group is planning to convince some personalities to join the rallies and protests against the president. Former President Fidel V. Ramos, Benigno Aquino III, Francis Pangilinan, Winnie Monsod, alumni’s of Ateneo, La Salle, and UP were included as mentioned in the group conversation.

But Vice President Leni Robredo declined all the allegations and accusations against her. She denied any involvement in planning to oust Mr. Duterte from the presidency. Meanwhile, Andanar they will first confirm the credibility of the documents and to determine whether the personalities mentioned on the documents were really involved.


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