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Look: DENR Confirms Gina Lopez Wont Allow Nickelodeon In Palawan

DENR confirms Gina Lopez will not allow Nickelodeon theme park in Palawan.

Environment Secretary Gina Lopez confirmed that she will not allow the construction of the Nickelodeon theme park in Palawan.

In a recent news report of Rappler, the Department of Environment and Natural resources (DENR) took to Twitter to confirm that Environment Secretary Lopez will not allow the Nickelodeon to be constructed in Palawan.

Viacom International Media Networks, which owns Nickelodeon, has recently announced that they will construct the theme park and would be open in 2020. They also shared that the resort will feature restaurants and lounges 6 meters (20 feet) below sea level.

Look: Gina Lopez Won't Allow Nickelodeon Construction In Palawn

Gina Lopez Won’t Allow Nickelodeon Construction In Palawan

One of the plans is to have a 400-hectare undersea development. As this was said to showcase the area’s marine life.

This was confirmed by Ron Johnson, an executive vice president at Viacom.

Johnson said that they have chosen Palawan by saying, “it is known to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world today.”

After the announcement, the DENR released the statement of Environmental Secretary Gina Lopez on twitter, January 11, 2017, that she will not allow the construction.

Despite that Viacom said that the development would “advocate ocean protection.”

There’s a lot of oppositions for the plan to build a theme park, as many of the environmentalists are worried that it would destroy Palawan’s world-famous marine ecosystem.

According to the report, the environmentalist has raised the alarm because this would destroy the Philippines’ ‘last ecological frontier.’

The post of DENR can be read as: “Lopez says she won’t allow the underwater theme park in Palawan. .

Many social media users were quick to give their reactions on the post. Others shared the post of the DENR on other social media sites.

According to the report, the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development, a government body, said the project had yet to be approved.

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