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World’s Biggest USB Flash Drive With 2 TB Data Storage

Kingston Technology Created The World’s Biggest USB Flash Drive

Kingston Technology announced the world’s biggest USB flash drive with 2 terabytes of data storage will be available in the market soon.

USB flash drive or pen drive is a data storage device consists of flash memory with USB interface. These drives were usually rewritable, removable, and smaller than other data storage disk drive. The first USB drive appears last 2001, in 2016, the largest storage capacity was only up to 1 terabyte.

People commonly used USB flash drive in saving data, information, videos, music, files, photos, and other documents desired by its users. Those pen drives become a part of our daily life and necessities in school, work, and personal uses.

Biggest USB Flash Drive

The 2TB drive remained only as a plan last 2016, but Kingston Technology announced that they will soon their 2TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT during this week’s CES 2017 in Las Vegas. The device was estimated less than 3-inches long and can hold tons of information and data.

According to Kingston Technology, the small portable device can store more than 160 High-Definition (HD) movies. The 2 terabytes USB flash drive is about to release this February, but everyone should prepare anytime. The 1 terabyte DataTraveler HyperX Predator of Kingston has a price of $2, 730 plus shipping on Amazon’s list.

The company did not yet release the exact amount of the new portable device. It is expected that 2 TB drive is quite more expensive compared to the previous Kingston’s 1TB USB drive.

Biggest USB Flash Drive

Kingston technology professionals aim to provide extra space for its users and explained that the device’ capacity is worth the price that the consumers will pay. Most of us were hoping that as the technology continues to innovate, our daily way of living will become easier too.

What can you say about the world’s biggest USB flash drive? Just feel free to leave your comments and suggestions for this article.

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