Most Common Symbol, Interpretation Of Dreams That You Should Know

Most Common Dream Symbols And Its Interpretation

Most us might wonder what’s the interpretation of our dreams during sleep, here are some dream symbols and its meaning that you should know.

All of us have already experienced dreams during sleep because it is an involuntary reaction of our brain in our unconscious and subconscious state. Dreams are usually a representation of images, desires, fear, and situation that we experience while we are awake.

Everyone was having a minimum of 5 dreams when we sleep at night. Each dream lasts for about 15 to 40 minutes but we usually forget some of our dreams when we wake. There are also dreams that we can still remember upon waking up.


Here are the most common dream symbols and its interpretations.


Dreaming of money symbolizes luck, self-worth, and value. Winning in a lottery means you need to make a big change in your lifestyle while giving money means that you’re afraid to lose something important to you.


Flying is linked to success and sometimes signifies that we could reach our goals in life. Flying also indicates freedom from the things that serve as a burden to us.


Dreaming of fire has a different interpretation based on the dreams of the individual. Usually, a fire has negative meanings, playing with fire in your dreams signifies several dangerous and risky situations will occur. Watching a fire in a distance indicates desire and transformation in your life.


This dream signifies cleansing, purity, and good luck. It also symbolizes that new opportunities are waiting for you.


House commonly symbolizes our mind. Dreaming of a house indicates comfort and security among individuals. These dreams were usually associated with our memories and emotions.


Dreaming of falling a white tooth from your mouth represents a new situation that might cause stress or trouble may occur. Rotten teeth symbolize anxiety and fear, pulling them out means something within ourselves needs to come out.


Dreaming of death was usually interpreted negatively by many people. Dreaming of death indicates that something will change or will end in our life.


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