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Look: High-Tech Popular Gadgets In 2017

High-Technolgy Gadgets That Will Be Popular In 2017

A lot of gadgets have been popular in 2016, such as high-tech smartphones, tablets, and drones, here are gadgets that will be more popular in 2017.

Laptops, tablets, drones, virtual reality and the well-known smartphones become the most popular gadgets worldwide in 2016. This 2017, ordinary devices, which will have an internet connectivity will be more popular this year.

Smart TV is one the devices that will have an internet connection this year. Art Samaniego, Tech Editor, Manila Bulletin said that internet connected devices have been already discussed last year but failed to excel in 2016 due to lack of support.


Samaniego said that that internet connected devices became more popular when companies such as Google, Amazon, and Apple starts to support these high-tech devices.


Smartwatches is also one of the most popular devices in 2016 and will continue to be competitive in 2017. Abe Olandres founder, Yugatech.com said that more brands and models of smartwatches were expected to exist this year.


Virtual reality and augmented reality such as Pokemon Go, which becomes a worldwide hit in 2016 will remain popular for children, adults, and teenagers who will play the game.

While, on tech trends, big data can contribute a lot to address the certain problems in the Philippines such as traffic jam and giving medical information. Samaniego also cited the accuracy of their prediction last May 2016 elections of Duterte’s victory due to the information that they have gathered from the internet.

Sim card registration that could possibly be implemented in 2017 can contribute a lot in reducing crime and to promote peace and order. Olandres explained that this system could prevent cyber crime including scam and fake account users.

Technology experts believe that those devices can widely influence the community. High-tech devices can make our life easier and faster but some people can also use technology for their selfish desire. So consumers were advised to use modern technology with awareness.

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