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Solicitor General Challenged De Lima To Quit On Senate If Her Bar Scores Are Lower Than His

Solicitor General Jose Calida dares Senator Leila De Lima to quit as a senator if her grades in bar exam are lower than Calida.

Calida earlier called the senator as “public enemy number one” for the accusations against her, linking her to illegal drug trade at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP). Also, on Wednesday (December 21, 2016), he also dares De Lima to reveal their grades on their Bar examinations.

“If her grade is higher than mine, I will resign as Solicitor General. But if my grade is higher than hers, she should resign as Senator of the Philippines,” said by Calida to the reporters at the Department of Justice (DOJ) quoted by GMA.

De Lima

On the official website of Solicitor General Office posted the result of his rating in criminal law on the 1973 Bar Examinations, which he received a 100 percent rating. While, Senator De Lima had only earned the eighth place in the 1985 Bar Examinations.

On Monday (December 19, 2016), Calida called De Lima as “public enemy number one,” “priestess of hypocrisy,” and “patron saint of narco-politics,” after De Lima bitterly response to the government lawyer’s tirades.

De Lima said that Calida would only repeat President Duterte’s statements and insanity. She also said that the followers of Duterte is mentally sick and crazy idea also came out from their minds. She defines it as another act of having evil minds.

De Lima

The solicitor general also cited De Lima’s alleged involve on the illegal drug proliferation at the national penitentiary few years ago, while De Lima was still the justice secretary. Calida tagged De Lima as the “drug diva of the Philipines”.

The senator declines the solicitor general’s challenge and call it as a ‘foolish challenge’. She also said that Calida should resign for his lunacy.

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