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A Netizen Posted An Open Letter For VP Robredo


Before you gave your consent to the LP request as Mar Roxas VP candidate, the people have high regards in you considering your humility, character, education and achievement. Being the wife of the late DILG Secretary who was a reliable leader, the people had high hopes in you. There was even an FB movement launching Leni Robredo for Senator movement. Many saw your potential, even Pres. Duterte was planning to make you as the future DSWD Secretary before the election. You had great potential and your political career was very promising. The huge faux pas or blunder that you have committed was when you said yes as running mate of Roxas. Things began to change from being the darling of the crowd to the one being frowned upon, some people even accused you of some harsh label such as “Lugaw Queen,” etc.
You are a VP now but the legitimacy of your position is under scrutiny. You still have time to redeem yourself by simply listening to the voice of the people. We have a President who has a profuse mandate from the people whose voices reverberated to high heavens as manifested during the campaign. Why are you against the death penalty, why not try to adopt a drug addict so that you can personally experience how hard it is. Why be concerned about extra judicial killing when you are aware that all of the alleged summary executions are not solely perpetrated by the police? Instead of going against the intention of the President why not just cooperate so that we can achieve the needed change? Perhaps you are already aware that the death of Jesse was allegedly done by a general who was involved in drugs. Why not initiate investigation against Pagdilao and Puno? Since you are already the VP why not exhaust all the means to ferret out the truth? Your loyalty to your party should end, instead be loyal to the people and to the republic. I know it takes courage to change but as the saying goes, only fool people does not change.


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