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11:26 AM August 29, 2016

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8:12 AM August 30, 2016

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Now, for people who still doesn’t know the mechanics of the Pak Ganern game, here’s how to play it.

The game was actually derived from the Filipino clap game, “Nanay, Tatay” but, in the new game, players need to say, “Pak! Pak Ganern!…Pak! Pak! Ganern!…Pak! Pak! Ganern! Ganern!…Pak! Pak! Pak! Ganern! Ganern!,,,Pak! Pak! Pak! Ganern! Ganern! Ganern!…and so on.

It is a fun game that has already become a hit. While playing the game, when someone commits a mistake, he or she will then have a punishment as what the players have agreed.

Celebrities like Liza Soberano even joined the many who have tried playing the game.

Watch this video now.

Even mixed-martial arts fighter, Brandon Vera accepted the challenge to play the game during a guesting on “It’s Showtime!”

Being so popular nowadays, there is an issue that has spread over social media and the Internet saying that the expression “Pak Ganern” has a dark side and according to the claims, has Latin meaning.

One Facebook user reposted this saying:

“Pak ganern is derived from latin words “Paccrassius” which means, “be with me satan” and Ganern – “Ganri” means “eternal”. So every time you say Pak Ganern, you are inviting Satan to be with you eternally. Be aware!”

Still, there is no proof to the claims that even the terms can’t be found in search engines like Google.

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