Filipina Called “Baby Whisperer” Excels in New York

Filipina Called “Baby Whisperer” Excels in New York

Filipina called “baby whisperer” excels in her career as a babysitter, housekeeper, and home call masseuse in New York.

A Filipina called as baby whisperer is a native from Iloilo City named Ruby Sigal, 40 years old. Where she works as a babysitter and doing household chores in Metropolitan New York. Previously in the Philippines, she worked as an event organizer, entrepreneur, floral designer, and a certified make-up artist.

She is the founder and CEO of Beyond Baby Care LLC in New York City and also known in many callings such as baby care consultant, new parent coach, and newborn care expert.

Filipina Called “Baby Whisperer”


Ruby’s family owns a garden in the Philippines and their family was florists. She went to Penn Foster Career Diplomas program to pursue her studies but challenges in their financial status changed her goals.

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