Tim Duncan Retires After 19 Seasons In The NBA

After 19 NBA seasons for the San Antonio Spurs, legendary and arguably the greatest power forward to ever play the game is retiring after he announced that he will not be suiting up for the upcoming NBA season.

Tim Duncan’s legacy concludes five titles for the only organization which drafted him. San Antonio reach the playoffs in each of his 19 seasons and the only player that won in three different decades 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2014.

He started out as a swimmer and began playing basketball after an unfortunate event that destroyed the Olympic-sized pool on his home. Duncan is a product of Wake Forest University in which he was able to live up his full potential before jumping in the professional league.

He was drafted as the number 1 overall pick in the 1999 draft which he has been paired with legendary coach Gregg Popovich, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili which has seen to become the best franchise in sports. Together the team achieve multiple records including their last NBA championship against the Miami Heat.

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Tim Duncan’s career was highlighted by his accolades and milestones.He was named to 15 all-star selection, 15 all NBA-teams, 15 all defensive team, 5 time world champion, 3 time finals MVP, and twice being name NBA regular season MVP.

During his 19 year career in the NBA he was able to produce astounding numbers he average 19.0 points, 10.8 rebounds and 2.2 blocks per game. Tim Duncan’s career was very consistent as he produce many highlight plays.


Duncan’s legacy will be in the history books of basketball as he was able to transform the Spurs to become one of the greatest team in the NBA. And he was also seen to be the best player in his generation. His legacy will live on forever far beyond the reach of his 19 decorated NBA seasons.


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