Massive Lake In South America Literally Disappeared Overnight – Unbelievable

Massive Lake Riesco Disappeared Allegedly Overnight

Lake Riesco disappeared and left people curious on how the massive lake in the Patagonia region in the Southern part of Chile mysteriously gone literally.

Lake Riesco disappeared

The huge Lake Riesco is a 1,400-hectare body of water in Chile wherein fishing enthusiasts and vacationers are going in the popular body of water.

But recently, on May 30, 2016, the said lake was now gone without any known reason still. Local media even posted before-and-after photographs showing the area with water and none.

Lake Riesco disappeared

The Lake Riesco (Lago Riesco) is specifically located in the valley of the river Blanco in the Aysén province that is 27 km (16 miles) from the provincial capital city of Puerto Aysen.

Before the lake was gone, Lago Riesco has had a maximum depth of 130 meters (425 feet) and an average depth of 72 meters (236 feet). But now, it’s totally dry.

But, according to the reports on May 30, there is still no official information on the said mysterious case. There is no unusual seismic activities happened in the area as the volcanoes in the area were stable.

Lake Riesco disappeared

In an unofficial speculation, there is one possible cause of the disappearance of the lake. On one side of Lake Riesco, the Liquiñe-Ofqui geological fault lies below.

The Liquiñe-Ofqui geological fault is a major fault line that stretches at about 1,200 km in southern Chile. It is said that there are frequent earthquakes happening in the area triggered by the fault but nothing recorded before the disappearance of Lake Riesco.

Another explanation is the possibility of the drought caused by El Niño but, it seems to be a weak reason to make the water vanish that fast.

Local residents have been waiting for the reason why this happened.

Now, if this is true, what do you think is the reason why this happened? Is this caused by creatures which were ‘not from Earth’?

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