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9:21 AM June 2, 2016

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9:41 AM June 2, 2016

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Rodrigo Duterte plans to create railway system and international ports in Negros Island Region.

Presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte is proposing a railway system that will connect the two provinces in Negros Island Region (NIR). He is also proposing two international ports in the region.

Negros News Group reported that PDP Laban Negros Island secretary general, Yves Akol, said that the incoming president is proposing a railway system that will include the Negros Island.

It was also reported that he plans to make an international port in Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental to boost the economy on newly-created region.

However, Negros Occidental governor Alfredo Marañon Jr. doesn’t agree with the proposal, saying that it would be very expensive.

According to Sunstar, Gov. Marañon pointed out that railway system is only applicable to a large population, adding that it would take a long process.

“In the first place, a railroad is a mass transit. It is applicable to a large population. The population of NIR is not enough. That would cost even more than the proposed bridge that will connect Negros and Panay. Just for the acquisition of the right of way would take a long process,” he said.

Gov. Marañon also said that he would push for development of roads than the railway system. He also noted that there is already an international port at the reclamation area in Bacolod City.

Furthermore, Gov. Marañon said that proposed project should be consulted from the ational Economic Development Authority for further studies.

Yves Akol, PDP Laban Negros Island secretary general, said that a railroad system is the fastest and cheapest way to…

Posted by NNG on Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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