ABS-CBN Foundation Endorses Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for President

One of the Philippines most influential foundation, ABS-CBN Foundation, Incorporated announced during an event in Sofitel Philippines Plaza in Manila that they are rooting for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as President of the Philippines. The endorsement of Mayor Duterte was made by Regina Paz L. Lopez, the managing director of ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc., based upon the Facebook post made by Ryan Pete Zamora.

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ABS-CBN Duterte

The news of ABS-CBN Foundation endorsing Mayor Duterte became one of the hottest trending topics on Facebook after a certain Facebook user Ryan Pete Zamora claimed that Regina Paz L. Lopez endorsed Mayor Duterte for President during the PMAP Summit on Clean Air and Climate Change.

According to Ryan Pete Zamora’s post on Facebook which was already shared more than 555 times as of posting time, Ms. Gina Lopez endorsed Mayor Rody Duterte at the end of her presentation as she showcased also a video of the Davao City mayor saying, ” Wlang Pilipino na mai gusto sa mga ginagawa nila.”

Aside from the good news that Mayor Duterte was already endorsed by ABS-CBN Foundation’s top executive Gina Lopez, the author also posted photos of the event with the Managing Director of ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.

Here’s the Complete Post of Ryan Pete Zamora:

Regina Paz L. Lopez (ABS-CBN Managing Director, ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.) is for Duterte

I am here in Sofitel Philippines Plaza Manila for the PMAP Summit on Clean Air and Climate Change. One of the speakers. Ms. Gina Lopez, was presenting about the ‘Critical Role of Business to Clean Our Air…’. At the near end of her presentation was a video of Duterte saying, “Walang Pilipino na mai gusto sa mga ginagawa nila.” (on the wanton destruction of the environment by open pit mining). Ms Gina was also often heard in her presentation about the need for our government to be strict in the implementation of our laws and where corruption is eradicated. That was when I have the gut feel that she is for Duterte. And true enough after her presentation she told the audience “kelangan natin matapang, katulad ni Duterte”. And the crowd responded with a thunderous applause!

After her presentation I approached her and told her where im from (TADECO of the Floirendos of Mindanao). Ans she said, “Mindanao is so beautiful. Vote for Duterte”.

Source: Ryan Pete Zamora Facebook

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  1. Kung ini endorso man c Duterte ni Gina nitong huling mga araw, seguro dahil nakita na niya ang crowd sa rally ni Duterte. At kung hindi man tutoong ini endorso, di naman seguro gaanong apektado sa numero mg boto ni digong.


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