(Watch) Jayda Avanzado Sings Cover of One Direction’s “18”

The online singing sensation Jayda Avanzado, the daughter of Filipino hitmakers Jessa Zaragoza and Dingdong Avanzado is slowly making her name felt in the Philippine music industry for the past few days. The latest rendition of One Direction’s hit song “18” caught the attention of netizens praising Jayda Avanzado’s singing prowess.

Watch Jayda Avanzado’s Rendition of One Direction Song:

The young singer Jayda Avanzado launched her own YouTube channel in the world’s most popular music-sharing site with her cover of “One Direction’s” hit song from the group’s fourth studio album.

Jayda made headlines recently after belting out one of Ariana Grande’s hit song during the concert of her mother, Jessa Zaragosa. She is also known for her 15-second song covers on her official Instagram account.

Watch Jayda Avanzado Singing with Her Mother on Sunday All Star:

The young daughter of Dingdong and Jessa Zaragoza was also featured alongside her mother during the Sunday All Star guesting. The video of Jayda singing with her mother already garnered more than 400,000 views on YouTube and still counting.

Here’s the 15-second viral video of Jayda Avanzado:

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