What This Facebook User Commented that Engraged Visayas & Mindanao People

A Facebook user named Fafa Nize became the latest personality who became famous online after she commented against the people from the Visayas and Mindanao Area. According to the viral post of Fafa Nize, Vis Min people are poor and could not afford to buy TV sets.

ABS-CBN Trending

The controversy started when a netizen commented on a post by ABS-CBN stating that the station is still number one in Visayas and Mindanao. Facebook user Fafa Nize then commented that people from Vis Min are poor and cannot afford to buy television.

Due to the unsolicited post of Fafa Nize, netizens responded negatively and slammed the Facebook user who was allegedly from Luzon areas.

Right after the post went viral, the Facebook user immediately deleted her post and even her Facebook account is nowhere to be found on Facebook. Although the comment was already deleted, a screenshot was already captured by netizens.

Here’s the Post Made by Fafa Nize (close-up for clarity):

Fafa Nize


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