Mayor Duterte Now Inclined to Run After Meeting with Ex-President Ramos

The tough-talking Mayor of Davao City, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is now inclined to run for President of the Republic of the Philippines as he confessed to former President Fidel V. Ramos in a meeting in Manila on Monday. A reliable source revealed to the media that Mayor Duterte told the former president that he has to get his family’s blessing first.

FVR Duterte

The source, who requested anonymity, revealed that President Ramos was delighted at what Duterte had told him. The former military man, ex-President Ramos also shared some wisdom to Mayor Duterte on how to handle a presidential campaign and how to conduct himself in public.

Pres. Ramos reportedly gave Mayor Duterte some tips on how to run the country amid the problems hounding it. IN a report posted by Inquirer, the source stated that “FVR had only kind words for Mayor Duterte and his pointers and advice are like those coming from a concerned father to a dutiful son, who has set his eyes on a noble crusade,” the source said.

Mayor Duterte earlier told a rally of supporters in Davao City that he wanted to consult his family first before making a decision in connection with the highly anticipated 2016 presidential elections.

The Duterte camp did not reveal nor confirm the meeting with former President Ramos but Peter Tiu Laviña, the newly-designated official Duterte spokesperson, said what he can confirm was that the mayor has been meeting possible supporters and allies.

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