Watch: Ella Cruz Dances “Dessert” with Manouvers on UKG

Kapamilya star Ella Cruz showcased her dance moves in front of the live audience of Umagang Kay Ganda on Monday morning August 31, 2015 as she dance to the tune of “Dessert” alongside the veteran dance group “Manouvers.” The Bagito star is really living up to her new title as the “Teen Dance Princess.”

Watch Ella Cruz Performing Dessert:

The 19-year-old Ella Cruz became one of the most famous female dancers in the Philippines after she managed to garner millions of views on YouTube for her dance rendition of “Twerk It Like Miley.”

Ella Cruz has starred in several soap operas of ABS-CBN but recently she managed to showcased her dancing skills in various viral videos. The teen star released her latest dance moves featuring the song “Dessert” which already garnered hundreds of thousands of views after it was posted a few days ago.

The young dancer became popular on various soap operas of the Kapamilya channel particularly the top-rating Aryana where she portrayed the role of mermaid followed by the huge success of the teleserye Bagito.

Watch Ella Cruz Dances on UKG with Manouvers:

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