‘UFO’ Sighted in Pampanga, Video Released

Assumed ‘UFO’ was caught on footage Sunday by some motorists in Pampanga.

ufo(Bizarre Lights. Screen grab from ABS-CBN News Video)

The video took fast roll on Facebook referring the peculiar lights as unidentified flying objects.

Paolo Gallardo, the owner of the video, said that they were in the Lubao Diversion Road when they noticed the bizarre lights forming letter ‘V’ in the night sky.

Gallardo said, at first they just saw three lights then there were 10.

The next morning, Gallardo went back to the place where they first saw the bizarre lights and were surprised to see no buildings in the area which could have been the cause of those lights.

Other motorists also saw the lights while traveling off around the area and even captured some photos.

ABS-CBN news team showed the footage to the PAGASA estimating the lights were 800 meters to 1 km above the ground. PAGASA also concluded that the lights sighted are not airplanes; air balloons or drones because the lights showed no movements aside from just fading.

PAGASA’s investigation on the bizarre lights sighted is still on going.


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