Airline Baggage Handlers Count For Stealing Items At NAIA

Six baggage handlers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport allegedly stole from the passengers at Terminal 3, Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) discovered.


The MIAA intelligence agents said the items including jewelries, wristwatches, blankets and padlocks were found at the locker of the handlers.

Jose Honrado, general manager, expressed alarm over the theft incident in the airport.

“Alarming talaga,” Honrado said. “Imagine gaano kalaki ang susi ng maleta. Maliit lang yan, i-ganyan mo lang, tanggal na.”

Honrado also confirmed that the baggage handlers were outsourced personnel and not from MIAA nor NAIA

The six baggage handlers have been suspended while investigation is ongoing.

MIAA in the same end has already taken steps to stop the pilferage activities among baggage handlers. Conrado also advised passengers to be responsible in their own valuables as they check-in their baggage.

“Huwag kayo maglagay ng valuable… Sino loko-lokong maglalagay ng P10,000 o ng jewelry? Sa hand carry mo ilagay yan,” he said.


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