Isabel Oli Urged Supporters to Help Her Choose a Wedding Gown

Actress and commercial model Isabel Oli urged her supporters and fans to her choose the best wedding gown which she will be used on her highly anticipated wedding with former child actor John Prats. Isable Oli posted on her official Instagram account some photos of herself who has been busy looking for the perfect bridal gown.

Isabel Oli Gown

On Wednesday, Isabel Oli posted several pictures of her wearing different gowns and asked her followers which gown fits her best. She was quoted as saying “Guys help! Which gown do you think should I wear for our #DynamiteWedding? It will be my 2nd gown for the wedding,” she wrote.

Before the highly anticipated wedding of John Prats and Isabel Oli, both celebrities announced earlier that Isabel will be wearing a Vera Wang wedding gown which was given as an advanced wedding gift to John Prats future wife.

Vera Wang is considered as one of the most popular gown designer in the United States with various Hollywood stars wearing her creations for the past few years. During the visit of both John Prats and Isabel Oli in Los Angeles, California, the actor revealed to her future wife that she will be wearing a Vera Wang creation.

The 31-year-old John Prats and the 33-year-old Isabel Oli will hold their May 2015 wedding at a farm owned by the actor’s family in the Province of Batangas. John Prats and Isabel Oli’s nuptial will be the latest in a string of celebrity weddings to happen in recent months in the Philippines.

Isabel Oli

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