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2:40 PM February 14, 2015

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Veteran Navy soldier-turned lawmaker, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV stated on Friday that a coup attempt by various groups and civil society leaders without the support of the Armed Forces of the Philippines is doomed, even though they plotted to bring down the current President of the Republic of the Philippines.


According to Sen. Trillanes, the way to deal with the coup plotters is to expose them right away so their plan will be burned.The Senator also noted that the national government should focus on the military rank and file officers.

The Senator exposed that the coup plotters are riding on the genuine sentiments of the public over the Mamasapano incident. The alleged group are trying to connect the President so the outrage will be directed at the President, that’s the formula of the coup plotters.

Sen. Trillanes also added that as long as the military is not allowed, the Aquino government has nothing to worry about, he indicated.

According to the veteran mutineer and one of the leader of the Oakwood Mutiny, Sen. Trllanes warned Malacanang should not be alarm but make sure that they will not be complacent,

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