They Thought Tarp Rolling Was Just An Easy Task But When They Start Their Job! OMG!

The baseball game between the Chicago Cubs and the San Francisco Giants was delayed for more than four hours and 34 minutes and the main reasons of the delay were documented in a viral video posted by YouTube user Anne Frazier.

Watch the Main Reasons of the Cubs vs. Gianst Game Delay:

The skies opened up and rains poured over Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday. The ground crew used everything they can to save the baseball pitch from heavy rains but they struggled mightily on their attempt to keep the field playable.

The rains fell during the fifth inning of the game, although the crew were trained they failed to quickly and properly unfurl the tarp.

The crews were surprised with the massive pools of water that had already recollected throughout the infield. The inability of the crew to properly unfurl the tarp caused more than four hours of delay although the rains lasted for just 20 minutes.

Cubs vs. Giants

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