Showtime Hosts Did The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Phenomenal star Vice Ganda was challenged by Kris Aquino to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Sunday afternoon, August 24, 2014 on “The Buzz” episode. Before Kris did the said challenge, she first challenged known celebrities in the local TV. One of them is Vice Ganda.

Noon time on Monday, August 25, 2014, Vice did the challenge in “It’s Showtime” episode. Of course, like other celebrities, he also did it with some twist. He did a production number first with an incorporated stunt before the cold water was drenched in him. He first sings Katty Perry’s single entitles “Hot and Cold.”

After his number, the water was drenched on him by the Showtime dancers. After which, he have also nominated other known personalities in Local TV. They are Coco Martin, Richard Yap and their director Bobet Vidanes.

After a while, director Vidanes did the challenge without thinking of anything. According to him, he did the challenge at the same time he will also donation to the ALS Association. Vice Ganda also did the same.

One of the rule of the challenge is that once you did and accepted the challenge, you also have the power to nominate other people to do the same as what you did. After which he have nominated the “It’s Showtime” couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia.

After hearing the nomination, the two accepted the challenge. Before they were drenched by cold water, they first confirmed that they will do the challenge and donate $100 as well. Then, Billy challenged the remaining “It’s Showtime” host to do the challenge. Vhong Navarro said that he will be absent tomorrow so he will just do the said challenge the following day. Anne and Karylle did not say anything. But I guess, they will be doing the challenge the day after.


It really seems that a lot of local celebrities are making their part on the global campaign to raise funds and awareness to people about the ALS disease.

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