You Won’t Believe How This Guy Performed A Never Before Seen Money Manipulation on TV!

During the Quarterfinals of America’s Got Talent one of the contestant, showcased his magic skills by turning an ordinary $1 dollar bill into different denominations while telling a story. Magician Smoothini performed one of his tricks in front of the show’s guests and judges that really impressed Mel B and Howie. Smoothini who is also known as The Ghetto Houdini did not only turn $1 bill into $100, $50, and $20 but he also moved the imprinted Federal seal on the bill.

Watch How Smoothini Performed During AGT’s Quarter Finals Round:

The magician Smoothini brings Howie and Mel B on stage for a trick involving money, which turns $1 bill into $100, and then turn that into a $50, and into $20, while telling a story in an entertaining and clever way.

One of the most amazing part of Smoothini’s money manipulation was when he moved the imprinted Federal seal on the bill, and finally put a goldfish out of nowhere and drop it into a glass of water.

Although according to the judges of America’s Got Talent, the magician did not perform well as they expect him to be, but his entire performance is good enough for them and he deserved to be in the quarterfinals of the competition.

The only problem as noted by the judges is the difficulty for them to witness closely the magic tricks of Smoothini, they also noted that the rest of the audience found it difficult watched closely the money manipulation because of the huge venue.

AGT Smoothini QuarterFinals

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