Lea Salonga Speaks Up For Lyca Gairanod’s Victory

From the time that Lyca Gairanod won as the first “The Voice Kids” winner, debates and issues regarding her victory did not stop. It was in the news and in the social media sites.

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According to rumors, Lyca did not deserve the victory. What she got was only pity from other people because of her status in life. Because they believe that the other contestant who is Darren Espanto is the one who deserves the victory. In addition, they also said that Lyca deserves the prize and Darren deserves the win.

However, there are also some who are happy and proud for the victory of 9 year old, Lyca.

After more than a week after Lyca won, Coach Lea Salonga speaks up for Lyca. According to her, she is not surprised when Lyca won. She also said on the Inquirer Website that Lyca, “touched them. Pure and simple.”

She also believes that Lyca had the talent and she has the combination of many things. She also said that, “Her backstory was definitely a big part of it—her father being a fisherman, her mother and siblings scavengers. Her singing style is another factor—with a voice that comes from her heart before her throat, comfortable belting out both Aegis songs and Sharon Cuneta mega-hits.”

But still, Salonga can’t deny the fact that all of the kids are really amazing. They are both the best in their own little way. Yet, at the end, only one winner will reign.

She also said that Lyca had represented the guts that is a key for her success. She have proven that poverty in not a hindrance for her to reach her dreams and to help her family.

The reason why people chose and voted her was because people witnessed on how she have proven that nothing can be a hindrance to reach one’s dream.

Lastly, she also said that what people felt for Lyca was not pity, it’s HOPE!

This is based on ABS-CBN News.

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  1. Well said Ms. Lea and wish you and your family to bless more with good health and continue to be a good role model of young and not so young Pinoys all over the world. I, as one of millions pinoys who have watched and witnessed the recent compitition where Lyca has won, I agree with what Ms. Lea S. has said, ” that what people felt for Lyca was not pity, it’s HOPE!” Amen?


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