Married Man in China Found Out That He’s Actually A Female

44 year old Chinese married man went to a doctor for a check up because of his stomach ache. This check-up ended up to be a shocking revelation to the doctors and the old Chinese man as well. They have found out that the old man have both have a female and male reproductive organ.

The Chinese man is known to be Mr. Chen.

Mr. Chen already knows from the start that there’s actually something wrong in him. He constantly finds blood in his urine.

Through a CT Scan, it was revealed that he actually has a uterus and and ovaries.


He undergone a chromosome examination and it shows that Mr. Chen had a pair of XX sex chromosomes which makes him a female genetically.

This type of medical case is really rare according to the doctors. It was not yet confirmed if Mr. Chen is really a female or a male. He may be hermaphrodite or intersex but none of these was found out to Mr. Chen.

Intersex people may be genetically female, but physiologically male. Some will be true hermaphrodites, producing both eggs and sperm.

The doctors also said that it’s already not possible for Mr. Chen to have a medical treatment with his case.

This may be because of  some known abnormalities.

This is from The Philippine Trend.

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