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"Dyesebel" Video Bloopers Aired During the Finale Episode - Philippine News

“Dyesebel” Video Bloopers Aired During the Finale Episode

The top-rating and top-trending Kapamilya series “Dyesebel” ends with a bang featuring the end of war between the humans and mermaids. During the finale episode of “Dyesebel” on Friday, July 18, 2014, the entire video bloopers of the show was also revealed to its loyal viewers.

Dyesebel Bloopers

The blooper reel of “Dyesebel” showcased the lead star of the top-rating series, Anne Curtis stammering through her lines, the actress find it difficult to pronounce some Filipino dialogs.

The bloopers also features some of the light moments of the show’s veteran casts who sometimes forgot their lines or find it difficult to portray their intended characters.

The highly anticipated finale of Dyesebel, a TV adaptation of the famous comics series originally written by Filipino icon Mars Ravelo, concluded in a spectacular fashion as it dominates the local and worldwide Twitter trending topics.

The finale episode also marked the end of war between humans and mermaids, as Anne Curtis who portrayed the role of Dyesebel bridged the gap between the once-warring worlds of mermaids and humans.

During the finale episode, Dyesebel was recognized as the rightful queen of the merfolk and negotiated with humans to put an end to their destructive ways of fishing but her effort was countered by the ousted queen Dyangga (Eula Valdez), in the end Dyesebel succeeded on her wish to end the war between the two separate worlds.

Meanwhile watch the video bloopers of Dyesebel here.

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