DepEd Released Help Desk Hotlines for SY 2014-2015 Class Opening

The Department of Education released to the public there help desk hotlines to accommodate inquiries from students, parents and guardians as the Education Department expects more than 20 million students from pre-school to secondary level to return to school on Monday, June 2, 2014.

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According to DepEd the agency have set up and added more personnel to the DepEd Hotlines to assists parents and students on the first day of school in the Academic Year 2014-2015.

DepEd Assistant Secretary Tonesito Umali said in an interview with the media that apart from their central office, the agency’s 17 provincial offices and 200 school divisions have also opened their lines to accommodate inquiries.

Listed Below as the DepEd Help Desk Hotlines:

  • 6361663 6373743
  • 6331942 6359817
  • 6364880 6340222
  • 6374211 6387530

Aside from beefing up the DepEd’s Help Desk, the agency also reminded all parents that public schools are not allowed to refuse to admit students. Although there are instances that in some parts of the country, some schools may be allowed to do so, provided that their schools lacked space and classrooms.

The DepEd Under Secretary was quoted as saying “Some schools deny the request of registration of some students… Our policy on that is that we cannot deny [students]. The only reason our schools may refuse to admit a student or a transferee is if that school is very congested,” said Umali, adding that in these cases, parents can call the DepEd Action Center so they can direct them to another school which may be able to accommodate them.” he noted.

The Department of Education added further that some schools in Metro Manila may have to accommodate more than the ideal class size, the ideal class size for kindergarten is 1 classroom for 25 students, while the ideal class size at elementary and secondary level should be 1 classroom for 45 t0 50 students.

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