PBB All In Housemates Failed on First Weekly Tasks, Dances Pinoy Ako (Video)

The PBB All In housemates headed by Aina Solano, performed their own version of the popular theme song of PBB, the Pinoy Big Brother’s “Pinoy Ako,” during the Saturday’s episode and live telecast of PBB All In.

Watch the PBB All In Housemates Performing “Pinoy Ako”


The 17 official housemate together with celebrity guest housemate Alex Gonzaga performed their own version of “Pinoy Ako,” as they came up with a new dance steps for the song despite struggling to keep it together at first.

Later in the Saturday’s PBB live show, the PBB All In official housemates received a good news from Big Brother (Kuya) with regards to their first weekly tasks called “Hating Kapatid.”

The housemates were commended of their efforts particularly their own rendition of the song “Pinoy Ako.” Although they got positive feedback from Kuya with regards to their dance performance, the housemates did not pass the first weekly challenge, because Fourth and Fifth failed in their own personal task which affected the overall result of the “Hating Kapatid” task.

Fourth and Fifth were tasked by Kuya to find out who among the housemates are siblings like them, but they failed to identify the said housemates. According to Kuya, aside from Fourth and Fifth, there are no other siblings inside the house. The twin Fourth and Fifth said in front of the other housemates that they suspect Jayme and Maris as siblings.

Kuya also noted that the housemates were successful on their first part of the task, but they failed on the second part which was assigned to Fourth and Fifth.

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