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3:22 PM March 18, 2014

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3:22 PM March 18, 2014

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On March 17, 2014, since the latest and newest fantasy series of ABS-CBN made its telecast debut with the iconic mermaid “Dyesebel,” one of the most gorgeous and hottest actress of the network, 29-year-old Anne Curtis definitely makes a trend on Twitter headed to No.1 slot Worldwide as trending topic.

Regarding to Dyesebel’s debut, some of the viewers were thrilled and amaze with the remake series of comics novelist Mars Ravelo as the seventh actress Anne Curtis portrayed the titular role, and as viewers shared their excitement they immediately took online via Twitter.

Anne Curtis Debuts as Dyesebel Trends Worldwide (Video)

The pilot episode of “Dyesebel” joined in Primetime Bida line-up of ABS-CBN, the story revolve on the love story between the parents of the lead character, 52-year-old Albert Martinez as Tino a prince of the merfolk and 45-year-old Dawn Zulueta as Lucia, a young woman from a fishing village.

On the other hand, as fishermen destroyed some of the marine life, Tino promised to take revenge against humans, however Tino was change as he witnesses Lucia and her father (Bembol Roco) arguing with a group against using dynamites to fish.

When a dynamite accidentally explodes, which suddenly plunge Lucia and her father into the seawater, Tino decided to save them both by bringing them to the shore despite of his hatred to humans.

The pilot episode was also joined by veteran actors and actresses, including Ai Ai delas Alas, Eula Valdez, Jaime Fabregas, and John Regala.

The rest of the cast includes Gabby Concepcion, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Andi Eigenmann, Sam Milby, and Gerald Anderson.

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