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Psychic Predictions for 2014 in the Philippines Revealed

The Esoteric Society of the Philippines (ESP) revealed their predictions for the year 2014, the ESP is a group of psychic volunteers in the Philippines. The group revealed that 2014 is a mix of positive and negative vibes and prophecies.

The ESP Co-Founder Michael Duque and ESP President Richard So revealed their predictions for the year 2014. A total of thirteen different members of the Esoteric Society of the Philippines was asked to submit a brief insight of what the year 2014 holds as reported by Kickerdaily.com.

Prediction 2014 Psychic

The Following are the Psychic Predictions of the ESP members:

According to Christine Carreon, the I-Ching’s Hexagram 3 will make it difficult for everybody to begin this year. She explains that even the tiniest obstacle becomes a hindrance to a person’s ultimate objective. There’s is also a hindrance to nature’s growth hence all these natural calamities. Carreon end her predictions with a positive note that people should strive to adapt to the changing circumstances especially those that they find difficult at first, knowing that there is hope beyond this trials. 

Kay King: Our constant decisions should be solely borne out of our freewill and not influenced by others. Freewill will prove to be to our advantage in 2014 as we enter a year of great love and peace.

Miko Abuan: But while the year starts negatively with slight difficulty for most, Light will shine upon those worthy of it amongst the darkness. 2014 will fill the hearts of the people with hope amidst past, present and future challenges in life. For some, it will even be the painful truth of revelation to which they seek. The truth we all seek paves the light we all need. Hope for a better life, hope in the midst of adversity, hope in the face of oppression and hope in the darkness of night, for the most darkest of night is followed by the most brightest of day.

Lorjan Matias: a massive marine accident is seen, he details the accident as a clashing of a passenger ship and a tanker. Matias utilizes a method known as dream incubation.

Jason Villar: Verified the disturbing visions pertaining to loss of lives, the lack of readiness of everybody and the false complacence will result in the loss of lives. He encourages everybody to use their time wisely to prepare and to think ahead. He mentions a politician who will make an unexpected political move of disclosing his knowledge about a variety of things which he says could have contributed to the country’s economic growth in the past.

Lex Balaguer: Predicts a deceitful year with the Church and other Spiritual bodies springing a resistance to change. As the conflict grows so will the conflict between emotion and logic. Again the very nature of the Horse and Wood. He notes further calamities and people abusing power and add further that the effects can be minimized if we can prepare and if we let our free will take over and choose our actions carefully. He further emphasizes that people should now learn to be stand up for what is right for it will bring more positive results.

Jaima Ferry: As the Year of the Wood Horse is generally known to be intuitive and emotional, the psychic prediction fairly travels along this line. She feels that this year, the feminine energies will fairly suppress the male energies.

Zyke Lapus’ and Berny Chans: Expounded Jaima Ferry’s predictions, they have also their own independent prediction of a year of struggles, rallies, political disturbances and issues with which the people will be greatly be involved. Chan further reveals that a government official will eventually reveal all and turn the tide on all these political issues.

Jot Abordo: “We are blinded by the essence of what we desire although we always knew what we wanted.” He emphasizes this year we will continue to struggle because of our own willingness and desire for a new beginning not realizing that what we are looking for is really already in our hands. This psychic thought is again verified by another independent psychic, Kenn who says that we must start to look into ourselves or self-evaluate if we are still on the right path.

In general, according to ESP President Richard So, he affirms that this year is a cycle of completion. Tragedies will still be eminent and nature’s elemental resilience will still greatly be challenged. However, this year will also herald the cycle of healing for most. As nature heals itself, so will the people.

ESP Co-Founder Michael Duque: His vision of a near-miss train accident at or near a local main train stations. Casualties are seen to be at a minimum, of which the cause is a mechanical failure in the train. The accident is unprecedented as it was never expected to happen in such a place.

Another foresight of an airline accident happening when an airplane fails to take-off which highlights another probable mechanical failure. While it is fortunate that the forewarning does not indicate any massive casualties in the incident, of which everybody was thought to be safely evacuated, logic and physics tells me that the nature of the accident is catastrophic.

Finding itself in a semi-dense area of thick foliage, people are directed to safety away from the wreck. The use of mobile phone and GPS systems find itself useful at these times. A passenger even videos the actual crash of the airplane.

Another psychic prophecy is a civil disturbance that probably will happen mid-year. Details are unclear as to where and how it was pre-empted. It will last a few days and will further awaken the passion, intellect and wild nature of the people.

On a further heartbreaking foretelling, a prominent couple will meet an untimely departure from this world of material existence. By sheer freak accident, their passing can be taken literally or symbolically. This can mean death in their material accomplishments or physical life in itself.

Note: Like all prophecy and prediction, the future is always uncertain… Only God Knows What Will Happen in the Future…Just be Safe Always…

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