Miss Universe 2013 Top 5 Ara Arida of the Phiilippines

Miss Ara Arida of the Philippines was included in the elite list of Top 5 Finalists in the Miss Universe 2013 securing the country’s fourth straight times of making it to the Finals of the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

The Philippines is now the only participant from the Asian Region who made it to the Final 5 of the Miss Universe 2013.

Here’s the Top 5 Finalists of the Miss Universe.

1. Ecuador: Constanza Baez
2. Brazil: Jakelyne Oliveira
3. Spain: Patricia Yurena Rodriguez
4. Philippines: Ariella Arida
5. Venezuela: Gabriela Isler


2 thoughts on “Miss Universe 2013 Top 5 Ara Arida of the Phiilippines”

  1. Olymphic of beauties which we call Miss Universe, I think one of most QUALIFICATIONS should be able to express them self universal
    language which is ENGLISH. WHY some of them can not answers question in English. Whoever answer in English should be plus not those none speaking English…

  2. Philippines Ms. Universe Ariella Arida was proclaimed as the 3rd Runner-Up in Ms. Universe 2013 held in Russia because I think there’s one reason behind that one…. it’s her gown!!! Even though that she is NO. 1 in the swimwear but she is NO. 9 only in her gown… It has a great impact to her score in the competition , it can pull her to a low position in the pageant… SEE how it AFFECT!!!
    I Hope soon that we should choose a better designer to have a more gorgeous and beautiful evening gow, since we have a lot of very good designer here in our country…


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