Ara Arida Swimsuit Preview and Interview Photos Posted on Instagram

The Miss Philippines candidate Ariella “Ara” Arida posted a photo of herself on her official Instagram account right after the closed door interview and Swimsuit Preview conducted on November 3, 2013.

The 24-year-old Ara Arida has already completed at least 1/3 of her preliminary performances after the interview with the Miss Universe judges. Ara exited the room in high spirits.

Ara Arida Interview

The swimsuit preview was held almost concurrently with the closed door interview, it was more of figure display than catwalk display. Based upon the photo posted by Ara Arida on her social networking account, she was confident that she did well in both the interview and the swimsuit preview.

During the interview, the official 86 contestants faced the preliminary judges face to face. Each contestant wears a casual dress for the interviews, and then they were judged while wearing a bikini.

According to our Miss Universe insiders, the candidates were asked about the reason why they should be Miss Universe aside from the things written in their website about themselves.

Fashion enthusiasts and experts also noted that those who did well during the bikini round were candidates from Poland, Israel and Switzerland, they were wearing one-piece during the closed door swimsuit preview.

Ariella Arida’s Photos After the Swimsuit Preview and Interview:

Paraguay Philippines

Miss Paraguay and Miss Philippines

Ara Arida Evening Gown

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